Extreme Oxygen Therapy is the medicine of today and the future, completely tested and proven to be natural therapy that creates an environment which enables your body to cure itself of diseaseExtreme Oxygen Therapy

The medicine of today and the future

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What can Oxygen do for you?

Oxygen Cannot cure any Disease Unless It's in the blood Cells and Tissues. For Oxygen to eradicate disease, it must be delivered to the lungs, bloodstream and to the cells. Extreme Oxygen Therapy works as a bio-oxidative therapy. Activated oxygen in the natural formulation of a powerful oxidant. Cells get their energy from cellular respiration which is dependent on the presence of oxygen. CANCER cells get their oxygen from fermentation which requires no oxygen. When the cancer cell is surrounded by high oxygen environment, it is less able to grow and divide. VIRUSES' like HIV can't function well in a high oxygen environment. Activated oxygen in the bloodstream also causes lipid peroxidation, which seems to help in the reduction of serum cholesterol and triglycerides.It's helpful for cardiovascular disease as well. . "Extreme Oxygen Therapy" also stimulates cell receptor sites in white blood cells playing a key role in stimulating and boosting the immune system. It stimulates lymphokines as a subset of cytokines that are produced by a type of immune cell known as a lymphocyte and cytokines from lymphocytes and monocytes as well as Tumor Necrosing Factor, Interferon and Interleukin production, all of which are the body's natural chemical defenses The use of oxygen therapy as a medical treatment goes far back as the 1800s, used for the purification of blood. Oxygen therapy was used in the form of ozone to treat wounds, ozone and hydrogen peroxide injections were used to treat patients during an epidemic of viral pneumonia.

The body use OXYGEN to naturally fight infections, degeneration and inflammation, probably the most common effect of OXYGEN is feeling of increased ENERGY. In our modern Environmental atmospheric OXYGEN levels have decreased tremendously in the past five decades. Mineral deficiencies, pollutants, over-eating, infections and stress cause increased need of OXYGEN in Our bodies.

Our bodies use Magnesium peroxide, a key ingredient in Extreme Oxygen Therapy which combined with H2O, makes atomic OXYGEN, and this OXYGEN molecule is what makes Extreme Oxygen Therapy so effective.

OXYGEN stimulates the oxidation-reduction cycle, which includes detoxification functions in the body, as well as the destruction of anaerobic pathogens. By regularly using Extreme Oxygen Therapy you increase the OXYGEN in your blood and reduce the chance of being OXYGEN deficient.



When you first start using O2 (Oxygen) it will often cause a healing crisis. This effect is caused by bacteria and fungi dying off, and various toxins being released into the bloodstream and through the eliminative organs of the body such as skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and bowels. Drink plenty of water. Symptoms may include skin eruptions, headaches, malaise, nausea, feeling sleepy during the day, fatigue, diarrhea, colds and phlegm in the head and chest, ear infections, boils, or whatever other methods that the body uses to emit toxins. This cleansing reaction is normal and natural. Do not stop the program. If the symptoms are too severe, then decrease the dosage, but do not stop taking the Extreme Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Therapy).

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