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How Oxygen works in Your Body

The best way to understand what Oxygen Therapy can do for your body is to understand the role that Oxygen plays in your bloodstream to provide your body with the strength to maintain proper health throughout your immune system.

Let's take a look:

Oxygen Transport in Your Body - the Process:

Oxygen molecules are used by the cells in your body for their basic metabolism. The two Oxygen atoms that form O2 is a vital component to ensure the healthy survival of the cells. Most of your cells can manage to survive without oxygen for only a very short period of time, their health rapidly deteriorating towards the end.

The deprivation of Oxygen from your bodily cells can lead to the weakening of your body as a result of these important cells dying off and the reproduction of replacement cells being too slow to maintain proper function of your immune system.

Oxygen deficiency in your body will cause your immune system to become much more prone to disease and ailments. Your entire immune system will weaken under a shortage of Oxygen being delivered through your bloodstream to the rest of your body, which consists entirely out of cells and they ALL need Oxygen.

How Oxygen Enters Your Bloodstream:

Under normal healthy circumstances, the process of oxygen delivery to the cells starts in your lungs. You inhale the Oxygen in the air into your lungs. From there it is absorbed into your blood cells, which in turn discard carbon dioxide out into your lungs to be exhaled as waste.

The Oxygen is then carried by the red blood cells throughout your bloodstream to promote the function of all the other cells in your entire body.

Let's take a closer look at how this works:

Respiration and Hemoglobin

Respiration and Hemoglobin - How it works:

The concentration of Oxygen present in your arteries is called PaO2. The volume of this concentration of oxygen (PaO2) depends entirely on the concentration of Oxygen inhaled into your lungs.

The volume of Oxygen that your blood is able to absorb is limited by the partial pressure of Oxygen contained in your lungs after inhalation. Generally, the amount of Oxygen that you breathe into your lungs is hardly enough to sustain a high enough level of PaO2 within the fluid of the blood alone to sustain human life.

Therefore, our bodies, same as the bodies of animals, have developed a method of carrying far more Oxygen in the blood than the fluid alone can absorb. This clever method involves the word "hemoglobin".

Hemoglobin are iron-based proteins that flood your entire bloodstream. They cluster together to form red blood cells. Within the red blood cell, each hemoglobin has four binding cells to which the Oxygen molecules attach themselves.

In simpler words:

The red blood cell acts like a transport bus through your bloodstream. Each hemoglobin within the red blood cell acts as a seat that can take a maximum of four Oxygen molecules. These transport buses then distribute the Oxygen to your tissue beds, which are the makeup of your muscle, skin, internal organs, hair and everything that is your living existence.

Once delivered, these buses unload the Oxygen and in turn upload the waste from those particular tissue cells in the form of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then delivered back to the lungs for exhalation, where the entire process is then repeated.

When do I need Oxygen Therapy?

The process of Oxygen delivery is critical. If this process is in any way restricted or obstructed, the amount of Oxygen needed by the rest of the body is not delivered in sufficient quantities to maintain proper health and function. This can happen very easily, resulting in the immune system going backwards and struggling to recover after a few cycles of insufficient Oxygen delivery.

The more Oxygen you inhale, the more Oxygen passes over into your blood.

However, sometimes the body needs alternative help, due to the fact that, in most cases, breathing alone is no longer effective enough to provide our bodies with the sufficient amount of Oxygen needed to keep all our cells functioning properly.

As a result of this Oxygen deficiency, the following illnesses and ailments commonly occur in the majority of the world's human population at present, some of which are very serious:


Many people take Oxygen capsules daily simply to improve their overall health and prevent most of the above mentioned ailments before they even occur. Extreme Oxygen Therapy capsules can be taken as a natural energy booster to prevent fatigue and help you to achieve all your daily tasks, resulting in a successfully productive day.

Extreme Oxygen Therapy has such a positive effect on the body that the consistent use thereof may most likely result in an increase of lifespan, due to the enormous improvement on the health of your immune system. As a result of living healthier, you may also live longer.

Taking Extreme Oxygen Therapy capsules is a quick and easy way to provide your body with the Oxygen it needs without going through extreme attempts to live healthy. Extreme changes in lifestyle are often difficult to maintain once achieved, leaving your body eventually going backwards amidst the confusion of drastic change. This may eventually result in the provocation of the above mentioned ailments, rather than the prevention of them.

Extreme Oxygen Therapy capsules help your body to naturally achieve its state of health without changing your overall lifestyle or putting your body and mind through unnecessary extremities to achieve the same result.

A Brief History of Oxygen Therapy:

Oxygen Therapy first started out in Hyperbaric form. In 1662, a British physician named Henshaw created the first hyperbaric chamber, which he then dubbed "Domicilium".

Over the years, various other methods of Oxygen Therapy were developed, such as capsules and oxygen-providing equipment for the home. The newer methods have made receiving Oxygen Therapy both easier and more cost-effective for the everyday user and /or patient.

DROWIn 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking discovery that cancer cells thrive within the body without Oxygen.

On numerous occasions, Dr. Otto Warburg himself has uttered the following quotes to explain his theory:

"Cancer grows in Oxygen deprived Acidic tissue."
Dr. Otto Warburg

"Cancerous tissues are Acidic, whereas healthy tissues are Alkaline."
Dr. Otto Warburg

"No disease, including Cancer, can exist in an Alkaline environment."
Dr. Otto Warburg

He elaborated:

"Water splits into H+ and HO- ions. If there is an excess of H+, it is acidic. If there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline."
Dr. Otto Warburg

And finally:

"Deprive a cell 35% of its Oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous."
Dr. Otto Warburg

Read more about Dr. Otto Warburg here.

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